CBD oil is Made in Italy, made with all-natural ingredients, also suitable for vegans! Rich in Omega 3,6,9 and fatty acids to give you a relaxing and pain-relieving experience.
The values of our company are to supply only top-quality natural CBD products; all of our products are organic, THC-FREE , and suitable for vegans!

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  • CBD Oil 5%

    Ideal for who just got introduced to CBD Oil.…
    • Full Spectrum
    • From 160,00950,00 Show
  • CBD Oil Mix

    Get your stock of Cbd Oil today! Ideal for…
    • Full Spectrum
    • From 340,002.390,00 Show
  • CBD Oil 10%

    This one is for someone that is looking for…
    • Full Spectrum
    • From 250,001.600,00 Show
  • CBD Oil 15%

    This percentage is for someone that suffers from physical…
    • Full Spectrum
    • From 350,002.400,00 Show
  • CBD Oil 20%

    This percentage is already very high, we recommend it…
    • Full Spectrum
    • From 450,003.000,00 Show
  • CBD Oil 25%

    The highest percentage Hemp oil that we have in…
    • Full Spectrum
    • From 520,003.900,00 Show